Pure CSS interactive components without any Javascript at all.

npm i css-ui-lib

Open-source MIT Licensed. ⭐️ Star on Github

Pure CSS Components

No JavaScript components to load so there is no wait time for modal, accordion, tabs or any other components.

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Easy to Customize

Adding your style is easy. Customize components overriding the default CSS variables or using classes.

Standard HTML

Each component is built taking advantage of modern, standard HTML elements.

Easy for Pro and Beginners

From a quick prototype to a production website, CSSUI is perfect for beginners as well as skilled developers.

Tiny in Production

⚡️ Super light and fast in production. Only 9kb zipped.

All Browsers Supported

CSSUI works fine on all modern browsers: Edge 79+, Firefox 49+, Chrome 12+ and Safari 10+. Old browsers aren't supported.

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