Build the library

Building the library is easy as running an NPM task.


Navigate to the lib folder:

cd lib

and then install NPM packages:

npm i

Build the library

You can now build the library by running:

npm run build

This will generate the following files in the lib/dist folder:

  • cssui.min.css
  • cssui.<component>.min.css
  • cssui.<component>
  • cssui.bundle.min.css

The cssui.bundle.min.css file contains the cssui.min.css and all the cssui.<component>.min.css files. It’s a convenient file for fast prototyping.

In a production scenario, remember don’t use the bundle. Include only the cssui.min.css and the cssui.<component>.min.css you need instead.

For each SCSS file, the build task performs compilation, browser-vendors prefixing based on browserslist, and minification.

The build:release task

This task is the same as the build one, except that it creates an additional file which contains the output of the build task. This is a convenient task for releasing a new version of CSSUI where the ZIP file is needed.