2022 - Product Roadmap

Posted January 19, 2022 by Francesco Improta ‐ 1 min read

Road to v1.0

This year’s goal is to publish version 1.0 of the CSSUI.

In the latest release v0.2.0 we focused on fixing some bugs and improved several aspects of components accessibility.

In the meantime, we have established what the next new components will be to join the library:

  1. Carousel Slider
  2. Progress bar

We are reflecting on the Datepicker, given the more complex operation that may require Javascript for some functionality.

If you have any suggestion, please raise a request on Github. 👍

Our goal remains to add CSS only components. 🦾

We also plan to add Sass files for each component so as to allow better integration with projects that make use of the compiler to generate CSS.

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Thank you 🙏